You might think you know the whole thing about dating. On the other hand, let me tell you something, people learn lifelong. Regardless of how many dates you have already had, there are always new things to learn. Another reason is that each person is a bit exceptional and unique. Now, we’re hoping to ruin some of the misconceptions you might have also had.

Elegant expirienced wine sommelier is choosing right wine for tasting at wine cellar.

Women aren’t horny as men are: Even if it so hard to determine, women are much hornier than they seem. In our culture, just men are regarded as the bulls of the sexes, and to this image relate the image of horniness and the showing off. If you need an example of this, hop onto a cougar dating app and find milfs in your local area. Some of the ladies accept their roles as the subdued sex, but not just on the surface. It does not mean that they do not want you as much as you like them.

It’s bad to call her or him after the first date: Actually, this is one of the biggest misconceptions on a first date. Life is short of leaving her or him waiting by the phone and make wonder what your ideas are of the date. Just let your partner know if you had a remarkable time in 12 hours.

Talking about past relationships or exes on a first date is a bad idea: Relationship makes an impact on everyone’s lives, so on their future relationships. It is good to know why as well as how her or his last relationship lasted. Just avoid the topic at the start if he or she seems to be not comfortable talking about it.

Ladies love playing the game: Taking for granted ladies for a long time does not make them want you more. The man-woman game is not that simple to win; it annoys a lot of women if you send indirect messages rather than telling them that you like them.

Simply journaling your ideas can assists you get over a breakup: A tear-stained book page is not essential the solution to get over your past relationship. Research conducted in 2012 discovered that just writing about your ideas and thoughts which surround a breakup can make you feel worse than if you started.

A more recent study, on the other hand, shows that a particular kind of journal …

Love is indeed a beautiful thing. However, in your quest for love, many things can go wrong. From the local sexting, nervous first kiss, long uncomfortable silence, and many others, dating is a big challenge on a lot of fronts. A simple blunder can ruin the moment and falsify a lousy impression. So, how will you increase your chances to have the perfect second date, effortlessly? A bottle of wine is here is to help you!

Romance and Wine: Timeless Pair

What comes to your mind if you ask about a romantic date? Some of us will envision chocolate, roses, candlelit dinner, slow and romantic music, and a glass of wine. Red wine is often related to good food pairings, health benefits, and romantic names and helps release love hormones. Wine is considered the best wingman for a date; however, that is if you know which one to get. Below is a shortlist of the best wine for a date.

Short Introduction of Wine for a Date

Merlot: This French name translates to “The Little Blackbird.” If you are unfamiliar with red wines, consider Merlot. This is simply because of its smooth, elegant, soft well as plumy taste. It is smooth to drink and can be paired with almost any meal.

Cabernet Sauvignon: This is considered one of the most common varieties of wine in the US. This wine has distinguished acidity and is related to a full-bodied taste. The taste of this wine variant improves with age and a good pair to steak or red meat.

Pinot Noir: If you want to impress your loved one, and appear as a true charmer, then choose Pinot Noir on a date. On the other hand, this a rare find wine as the grapes which this wine is made of are hard to grow. It has a fruit aroma and extremely soft tannins, which create a fresh and delicate structure.

Syrah: Originated in Australia, this is renowned for its rich and tannic quality. Also, it has a peppery and fruity fragrant taste profile. It is largely grown in France, Australia, as well as California. Syrah lovers, most of the time, give a vibe of being daring and confident.


Preparing for a romantic date? Drinking wine has lots of benefits. It is better than a coffee date and less intimidating than having a full meal. Wine has featured in songs, quotes, as well as poems. In general, wine is an elixir of love. …