Best Wine Bars in the USA 2020

Wine, aside from the god’s nectar, is often associated with the onset of a romantic date. Wine is also the most talked-about drinks in the drink and food business. A lot of Americans are becoming more interested in the drink, so you will find a lot of cozy, quiet wine bard that emerges all over the place.

The state of California is on top of the list. This state has the most wineries, follows by Washington, Virginia, Oregon, and New York. While Napa Valley may be renowned for its famous grapes and labels, you will see that the US’s best wine bars cater to all types of styles, tastes, and varieties.

There is no need to go to Napa Valley to try some of the best wines. You just need to get off you butt, stop the meet n fuck games, put some close on and hit up some bars.  We are happy to bring you the best and super sumptuous vino-filles list of the United States’ best wine bars. They are often concealed in plain sight and running over with locals who don’t care about sharing a glass or two with a stranger.

Timó Wine Bar 

This wine bar is located in Phoenix, Arizona. This bar combines sophisticated, rustic cooking, an amazing list of wines, and the trendiest décor in Phoenix to make a super sensual wine spot in the evening. From hand-made wood-fired pizzas and robust small plates they serve, the whole thing is bursting with superb taste, even the wines. Time Wine Bar provides light whites, easy reds, strong whites, bold reds, and a whole lot more.

Jet Wine Bar

This wine bar is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you want to take pleasure in an array of wines from various parts of the globe, you should definitely visit this place. You can visit this place for a glass or a bottle of tasting flight, which enable you to try many different kinds of taste profiles. They serve wines from various countries such as Hungary, Greece, as well as Austria. The lounger is colorful and modern. 

Coopers Hall 

This bar is located in Portland, Oregon, that has the trendiest and architectural design. This is one of the cutest bars in the US, producing wines that they care for in a way as they handle themselves. Wines are exceptional and local and served on tap. Sustainable, locally sourced, and seasonal ingredients are the key to any dish they produce that you can take pleasure in their very instagrammable lounge.

Wine Down

Located in San Francisco, California, this is the best place to visit during Friday night to wind down. It’s so easy to see why a lot of people consider this as one of the best in the US. Not just have they made a modern, stylish space that screams modern millennial wine bar, but they shine a spotlight on small, sample local fare.

Spoke Wine Bar 

This wine bar is situated in Somerville, Massachusetts. Spoke Wine bar is about the intimate approach they take to wine with lists, which has been curated delicately to feature just the best. This wine bar works closely with winemakers, farmers, and brewers to make a really harmonious menu; however, wine is always at its forefront. 

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